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We really need to be praying for our country. Elections have consequences. Civil Rights, or God’s Word? We must pray for all who are suffering and do not have God’s Word in their hearts, because until they do they cannot understand.  We must try to reach out to them with the Love of Jesus. True […]

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A Commentary on Hebrews

A Commentary on Hebrews (by Pastor Mark Siena) Some Preliminary Thoughts… (1)  Who wrote Hebrews? Chapter 1 doesn’t begin like a letter written by Paul.  Every other one of his letters (‘epistles’) begin with the word ‘Paul’.  The writing ‘style’ of Chapter 1 also doesn’t necessarily sound like a letter written by Paul.  But by […]

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Spiritual Warfare

Numbers 13 Israel had been through some very intense occurrences – witnessing the plagues in Egypt; escaping the Egyptian army by fleeing through the middle of the Red Sea; being sustained by water from a rock, and manna that appeared every morning on the desert ground. But now was another intense place – it was […]

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