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A Note On Mormonism

Dear CCNF family and friends,

We live in a very confused world when it comes to Biblical issues.  There are many ‘churches’ that claim to be ‘Christian’, even though they do not believe what the Bible plainly teaches.  It is a very painful fact that many of the traditional denominations have slid into this place over the years.  (Also, many of today’s churches teach some Biblical concepts, but avoid the toughest doctrines.)  It is very painful, but unfortunately not surprising Biblically, because we know that ‘a’ church will usher in the Anti-Christ (just as ‘a’ church and many ‘pastors’ and ‘priests’ stood beside Hitler).  That ‘church’ will be one that has totally lost its moorings, because they have rejected God’s Word, the Bible.  They have theories and opinions about Jesus, but have in reality never received Him to be their Savior, nor submitted to Him as Lord.  That ‘church’ will be used by the Anti-Christ because it will further his aims by encouraging the population to support his policies.  He will use ‘that church’ until he no longer needs it; then he will destroy it.

Thank God that we are not part of ‘that’ church, but are members of His true church, established firmly on Jesus and His Word.

Because ‘that’ church has not taught the Bible for many years, we live in a culture where the majority of Americans do not understand very fundamental principles, such as the fact that abortion and homosexuality are sins.  They also cannot differentiate between Mormonism and Christianity.  The fact that both use the Name of Jesus is good enough for these people.  Mormons claim to be saved by Jesus, and even use His Name in their name (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints); but the problem is that IT IS A DIFFERENT JESUS.  Just as the Muslims believe in a ‘Jesus’ who is not God, but a prophet lower than Mohammed; so the Mormons have ‘a Jesus’ who was once a man like us, but is now one of many gods; and thus ‘lower’ than what the true Christian Bible teaches about Him.

Because of our upcoming elections, there may be opportunities for us to share our faith among family and friends.  And so, I’ve come up with a very short list of some of the most fundamental reasons why Mormons are not Christians.  In their view…

1)   Jesus is not part of the Holy Trinity, the Only God.  He is instead ‘a god’, one of millions who rule over millions of planets.

2)   Jesus was once a man, who because of his piety and good works became a god.  Likewise, any of us who earn that position through faith and good works performed here on earth can someday become the god of our own planet.

3)   Jesus and Lucifer (Satan) are brothers.  When their father (a ‘god’ who used to be a man) was trying to determine a plan for the salvation of our earth, he asked Lucifer and Jesus for their ideas.  Jesus’ plan won out; Lucifer got upset, and so has been battling his ‘brother’ ever since.

4)   When Jesus was on the earth, He had several wives (He was a polygamist).

Source: World Religions & Cults 101, by Bruce Cickel and Stan Jantz, ISBN-13: 978-0-7369-1263-1)

Two things particularly bother me about these beliefs.  Number one is that the Bible says that Satan was cast down because he wanted to be equal with God (Isaiah 14:14).  God is going to punish Satan eternally for this desire – and yet what is different between that and us attaining ‘god-hood’?  Number two – think about it – since you can become a god someday, couldn’t you actually come up with a better plan to save your planet than Jesus did with ours?  He had to be beaten and crucified in payment for our sins – couldn’t you come up with a better plan for your world, so that you wouldn’t have to send your son to a cross?  And, wouldn’t that better plan thus make you smarter than Jesus, and more compassionate than God the Father?  Wouldn’t Jesus and the Father thus become inferior to YOU??

Where do you suppose such thinking originated?  It is the same philosophy rooted in Isaiah 14:14.

I’m sorry, but can you see why the Mormon concept of Jesus is blasphemous??  Can you see a Satanic thread in these beliefs?  I do believe that many Mormons are very sincere, but they have strayed away from the Bible.  This is why an understanding of the Bible is vital in order for us to know God.  Either John 14:6 (Jesus is the way, the truth, the life, and the only path to salvation) is correct or it’s not.  For those who read the Bible simply and believe it simply, it is a very clear truth.  But for those who don’t, there are many volumes of books and ‘apologetics’ materials which try to give logical reasons for not believing what the Bible simply says.

If you were to go to the official Mormon website at, you would read this about Jesus…

Jesus Christ, Our Savior

Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and the Son of God. He is our Redeemer. The Holy Bible teaches us that Jesus Christ’s mother was Mary, His father on earth was Joseph, that He was born in Bethlehem and raised in Nazareth, and labored with Joseph as a carpenter. When he turned 30, He began a three-year ministry of teaching, blessing, and healing the people of the Holy Land. He also organized His Church and gave His apostles “power and authority” (Luke 9:1) to assist in His work.

But what do we mean when we say He is the Savior of the world? The Redeemer? Each of these titles points to the truth that Jesus Christ is the only way by which we can return to live with our Heavenly Father. Jesus suffered and was crucified for the sins of the world, giving each of God’s children the gift of repentance and forgiveness. Only by His mercy and grace can anyone be saved. His subsequent resurrection prepared the way for every person to overcome physical death as well. These events are called the Atonement. In short, Jesus Christ saves us from sin and death. For that, he is very literally our Savior and Redeemer. In the future Jesus Christ will return to reign on earth in peace for a thousand years. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and He will be our Lord forever.

As far as I can see, everything written there is right on.  But, it doesn’t mention the points that I listed above (and there are many others that I didn’t list).  I think that Satan has reacted to the true Church’s emphasis on Jesus by putting it into the minds of some cults to also emphasize a ‘type of Jesus’, at least on the surface.  For those who go no deeper, it creates a false sense of security.  But for those willing to dig a little more to find the truth, it becomes clear that the ‘Jesus’ of Mormonism is not the Jesus of our Bible.

If their concept of Jesus was the same as mainline Christianity, the Mormons would not have needed to add on to the Bible as they have.  Every cult (and every unhealthy Christian) has to change what the Bible simply says in order to support their beliefs.  The Mormon ‘Bible’ includes:

(1)  the true Bible that Christians use (although they believe it contains some mistakes);

(2)  the ‘Book of Mormon’;

(3)  the ‘Doctrine and Covenants’;

(4)  the ‘Pearl of Great Price’

The toughest lie is one that is 98% true.  Mormonism is less than 98% true, but it is veiled enough so that unless one is willing to go deeper, they could be fooled.

So please, go as deep as you need to in order to understand, and to be able to explain the fact that Mormons are not Christians.  And please be praying for our loved ones and our country.  Be prepared to respond to questions like…

“Aren’t Mormons Christian?  They say that they’re saved by faith in Jesus.”

“Why would Jesus really teach against homosexuality and abortion?  Isn’t He being unloving and judgmental when He does that?”

Please pray for our Presidential candidates, and all of our candidates.  Pray that our nation will reach a point where we only nominate men and women that are true Christians, and that Jesus becomes our greatest national priority.

And finally, please vote for the candidates that will most closely legislate as the Bible teaches.  If we have reached a point in this nation where ‘Hittites’ will lead in a more godly fashion than proclaimed ‘Christians’, then so be it.  Hiram was a Phoenician king and a friend of David’s who helped Solomon build the Temple (1 Kings 5).  If we have reached the point in time where we need to rely on Hittites to do more right things then ‘Christians’ who don’t believe the Bible are willing to do, then may God in his grace forgive us all.  He has given us so much, and apparently we don’t think that we need His help anymore.

Unfortunately, we will find out that we do.

May God guide us,

Pastor Mark Siena

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